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Cookie Face

Place a cookie on your forehead and in one minute, move it down and eat it

Beauty Shop Toss

Divide the players into teams and put a shower cap onto one of the members. Cover the shower cap with shaving cream. The goal is for the team to stand a distance away and throw cheese puffs or balls onto the cap of their beauty shop customer! Teams have one minute to get as many cheese puffs on the cap as possible.

Wet Noodle Relay

Tape a cup to the top of a pool noodle and fill cup halfway with water. (In the middle of the cup, the last groove on top) Line Teams up at start line. Player's hand must NOT be above the blue tape mark on bottom of noodle. Players must hold the noodle vertically and be first to make it to finish line. Winner is the player with most water still in cup. We will have multiple heats. 

RPS Relay

Rock, Scissors, Paper Race. First team to get all teammates with baton to finish line wins. Teams stand in a line shoulder to shoulder at start line facing another team. Line leaders play R,S,P, winner takes baton and passes to teammate next to them then Winner runs to finish line. Loser goes to the end of their team's line. REPEAT playing R,P,S , winner gets baton and passes to teammate next to them and then runs to finish line. The last person on team to win RPS brings baton to finish line. 3 count, gesture rock, scissors or paper ON three.

Water Balloon Toss

Teams toss water balloons and take one step back

Shoe Darts

Have 3 Rounds, Round 1 : Each team chooses 5 members to compete. Each person throws one shoe to try to get highest point value. (Where majority of the heel is determines point value) 2: Choose 5 members to compete. Using shoes to accumulate exactly 16 pts. 3: Choose 5 members to compete. Use both shoes to get exactly 25 points only scoring using the middle ring. 15 minute game.

Bible Scramble

Divide your groups depending on the size of your sm group and do Old Testament (39) or New Testament (27) or the whole Bible (66). Write out books of the Bible on index cards (make two sets for two teams, each in a different color) and give each player a card. The catch: They can’t show other team members what is on their card. When you say “go,” the group must arrange itself according to order in the Bible. No talking, and see which team has the most right after 5 minutes

Cotton Ball Scoop

Blindfolded person has bowl and spatula. Scoop as many cotton balls into bowl. (Can be played like Hungry Hungry Hippos, 4-6 players at a time) Players scoop simultaneously blindfolded. Winner is the person who has the most cotton balls in their bowl after 30 seconds

Flour Tag

Championship game of trying to get flour on the other person


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